🌊 ⛏ Launching Liquidity Mining with Harmony, iExec, Zcoin & Zilliqa!

Start earning rewards today!

🚀 We are super excited to launch the first live campaigns for liquidity mining today! The inaugural campaigns will last for a period of 12 weeks with a total reward pool of USDC51,000! 🙌

Liquidity mining campaigns are now live for a subset of our launch partners:

These initial campaigns will reward participants for trading in eligible tokens on Binance.com

Rewards will be paid out weekly based on weekly periods beginning on Tuesday (March 3rd, 2020) 12:00am GMT through the following Tuesday.

For anyone who already participated in the Open Beta, you do not need to sign up for liquidity mining again. Just set up your bot and start mining!

For anyone who’s new, click the button below to sign up and kick off your liquidity mining adventure!

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