Shipped v0.43.0 release | AscendEX campaign updates | dydx X Hummingbot bounty hunt
Shipped v0.42.0 release | AscendEX Blackjack Campaign w/ 21 NEW pairs | dydx X Hummingbot bounty hunt | New FEAR, DAFI, XCAD, Polkadex & Port Finance l…
Shipped v0.41.0 release | AscendEX VIP fee structure for Hummingbot users | New DYP, PIVX, BitClout, DAO Maker, and Radix liquidity mining campaigns
Hummingbot closes $8 million Series A | Shipped v0.40.0 release | Liquidity mining campaign updates
Shipped v0.39.0 release, NEW Uniswap V3 strategy, Open Defi Hackathon, Q2 Roadmap, Hacken liquidity mining campaign, etc.
Shipped v0.38.0 release, Conflux & Symbol campaigns, New market making strategy demo, etc.
Shipped v0.37.0 release, Miner 1-year recap, Firo campaign, job opps at Hummingbot, etc.
Released Hummingbot v0.36.0, KuCoin liquidity mining campaigns, New governance vote, etc.
Released Hummingbot v0.35.0, Frontier & QuarkChain liquidity mining campaigns, 2020 Year in Review, etc.
Released Hummingbot v0.34.0 featuring the new Uniswap, dy/dx & Terra connectors. Phoenix Global, Avalanche & Stratis liquidity mining campaigns, etc.
New release v.0.33.0, Balancer partnership, Binance.US, & Binance Futures connectors, HARD liquidity mining campaign with the BIGGEST ever reward pool,…
Algorand and NEM liquidity mining campaigns, Comparing Hummingbot vs. AMMs, New website, & more!